"The Genius is Common Movement is empowering! Since joining my network has expanded, and my book sales have increased exponentially!"

-Dr. LaShonda M. Stewart, Professor, and 3x Children's Book Author: The 12 Days of a Soul Food Christmas, Emma Jean's Sew-N-Sew, and Sly -The Cool Cat-  

"I am completely elated to be a part of the Genius is Common Movement! Acknowledging that we all have genius is a revolutionary act that gives power back to the people. As a Spiritual Life Transformation Coach specializing in Life Purpose, I know that it is not until we embrace our own unique genius that we can then live in our divine purpose.

Only having been aligned with the movement in relatively a short amount of time, I have already made fruitful professional connections and so much looking forward to many more. I see a bright future for the Genius is Common Movement. May all of our collective geniuses shine as bright and beautiful as the stars in the sky."

-Kaheri Maat, Author, Founding Mother of Magical Woman University, Co-Founder of Magical Bliss Bath, and Women's Spiritual Empowerment Ambassador of the Genius is Common Movement, Speaker, Educator, Healer, Empath, Poet, Seer, Entrepreneur.

"Genius has powerful Black men and women all in one place. The underrepresented and diverse Black diaspora is represented here and is powerful. You can see yourself in the other Geniuses but also see where you want to be because you know someone exists. Most things are about levels - Genius in common raises the bar, builds strength in numbers, and redefines what a Genius is. I couldn’t be more proud to be represented and represent that Genius is Common."

~ Jastin Artis, A&R/Artist - A&R IN YOUR POCKET/Sync Craft

"What resonates with you the most about the Genius is Common Movement? To have an easily-accessible place where I can plug into a full and vibrant community of Black-owned businesses, products, and services energizes and brings me peace at the same time! Thank y'all." 🙏🏾

-Fier Rabbit Earthchilde - Recording Artist/Personal trainer/Flow Artist/Cyr wheel Artist/Breakdancer/Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist.

"When I was introduced to the Genius is Common Movement, I immediately thought, "What a Genius idea!" What resonated is we are all created with purpose, potential, and greatness. We must recognize that it is already within. All that is needed is for us to believe that we are geniuses and move in our genius and greatness. I applaud and thank Bruce George for his Genius in allowing us all to spread our knowledge, creativity, gifts, and abilities throughout the world. Genius is Common!"

-Montrie Rucker Adams, APR, Fellow PRSA, DTM, MBA; Founder, Visibility Marketing Inc. and Just Do Your Dream!; award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and bodybuilder; speaker, author, coach, and Dream Sherpa.

"Genius Is Common is a Universal gift to the world in sharing the many talents, skills, expertise, and divine gifts of so many people who are making a difference in the world. This is reveal in the spirit of collective work and responsibility (Ujima), for the purpose (Nia) of cooperative economics and financial self sufficiency (Ujamaa), because of faith (Imani) in the Universal principle of connecting in oneness through the power of touch that builds nations."

-Njideka N. Olatunde, Creative Visionary of Focus On Healing Wellness Institute. Pain Relief Educator and Advocate

"When I think about Genius is Common, the word that comes to mind is "reclamation". Bruce George is helping each of us reclaim that individual God-given genius we were born with, but that mainstream society brainwashed us into believing was not enough, and certainly didn't reach the level of genius. But that's just it--we don't have to believe some arbitrary set of standards designed to keep us believing we have nothing to offer the world. Because the truth is...Genius is Common."

-Aungelic "Gigi" Nelson, is the Founder of the Majani Project, and she's an accomplished Speaker, Genealogist, and Historian. 

"What is it about Genius Is Common that resonates the most? "What resonates the most about Genius Is Common is the positivity and warmth it amplifies. It's literally a community that is changing the idea of a word synonymous with exclusivity. That is powerful."

-Tamika Murray, Owner of Mystical Fire Ascension Life Coach, Author, Writer.

"I am excited to be part of this movement because it encourages people to understand that everyone has the capacity to succeed at something and what that is, will look different for every individual. In this social media age, where everything is beginning to look the same, Genius is Common assures that every person is unique and encourages the pursuit of exactly what makes us unique. We all benefit when we work through our strengths or geniuses."

-Ariel Miles, At Ubuntu, A Creative Arts Therapy PLLC.

"I am extremely impressed with the movement as a way of fostering community and re-educating people on the concept of genius. I'm still new to the movement, but I am super-excited to connect with the amazing people that Bruce George and GIC have brought together!!"

-Salathiel Reagan, Professional Voice-Over Artist, and Licensed Therapist.

"Genius is Common, serves as an opportunity to reach other people in different careers, with the same like-mindedness to succeed. GIC is the vehicle of connection. Already I am connected with someone to assist with redoing my Logo."

-Stan Arola-Johnson, Entrepreneur, Writer, Content Creator and Theorist.

"What resonates with me about Genius is Common? Genius is Common is about purpose and discovering what our God-given talents are in this world that will bring value to others."

– Engle R. Coulter, Voice-Over Talent, 26 to Prosperity presents Voicing Engle

"The Genius is Common Movement has shown me that there are no restrictions or limitations when it comes to my potential."

- Anthia Wint.

"The Genius is Common Movement is a community that shines the spotlight on the genius that lives and flows within us all. No longer is genius seen as something strictly based on IQ and for that I am grateful. Everyone is a genius and it's time the world acknowledges it."

-Tamika M. Murray, Owner of Mystical Fire Ascension Life Coaching, brings years of being a social worker, award-winning author/writer, educator, astrologer, and intuitive, and awakened soul to the conversation. Her self-published Award-Winning books Crying, Learning, and Laughing: Why Students Visit the Teen Center and From Grunt Work to Light Work: A Homeowner's Guide To Attracting Buyers are must-reads. However, she’s also penned eight non-fiction Children's books for the school library market.

"The Genius is Common Movement celebrates your natural gifts and talents. It's a space that inspires you to share your brilliance with the world and shine unapologetically."

-Sherita T. Sparrow, Artist and Founder of Off the Canvas Collection, LLC.

"Genius is Common Movement is a divine gift that empowers and gives life to the talents, skills, and knowledge of so many Black people globally through sharing, caring and supporting each other on a platform that reflects the Universal power of being in "Oneness".

-Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde, is the Visionary Creator of Focus On Healing Wellness Institute. She is a recognized national and international leader in her healing art, an accomplished Naturopath, Master Reflexologist, Author, Educator, and Media Personality

"The Genius is Common movement, with its concentration on tapping into collective wisdom and creativity of individuals, has several notable benefits for me personally. Firstly, it has helped me recognize and embrace my own creativity. I have been encouraged to pursue paths of interests and step out of my comfort zone, allowing me to explore various creative outlets with an understanding that I have gifts to contribute!"

-Charisse Ross, Associate Director at Michigan State University, Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).

"Genius is Common allows me to recognize the simplicity of the greatness we all have within. What may be common to me may not be the same as those around me, but we all have something to offer. Our gifts are unique and understanding that we can all make a difference in the lives of others."

-Adelai Brown.

"I have recently been introduced to the Genius is Common Movement by its Founder, Bruce George. I can't express in words what an INCREDIBLE movement this is. Having been in countless other networking groups, I have NEVER experienced anything like this. I did not know that anything like this existed. I am FOREVER grateful that GOD sent Bruce my way. I am looking forward to this INCREDIBLE journey. Thank you Bruce and thank you, Jesus!

-Cornelius Neo Wright, Entrepreneur, Author, Movement Guy.

"The ability to engage and expand on a larger platform is valuable."

- Dr. Melva Covington, Serves as Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Bible Church in Hyattsville, MD.

"Now is our time to reclaim our FREEDOM to be all that God has called us to be. Claiming our "Genius" is a part of that liberation process. I am honored to be a part of the Genius is Common Movement."

-Pamela Kelly, Amateur Radio Operator, Author, Mobile App Developer, Architectural CAD Drafter.

"The Genius is Common Movement represents solidarity through recognition and valuing of individuals that make up the collective. What drew me to the Genius is Common Movement is the understanding that each of us has something special to offer and everyone's genius is needed."

-Cedric Scott, STEM & EdTech Consultant | Creator of Melanated Mathematics™️ | Career Strategist & Recruiting Partner (EDU HUSTLE™️)| Author | AI Enthusiast.

"I'm inspired by all of the Black creatives and entrepreneurs in the Genius is Common Movement. I love seeing the passion and optimism at work."

-Taeler Hammond.

"Genius is Common movement is so needed! This movement provides a space for geniuses who are unheard or not seen. Genius is Common provides the true meaning of genius and what it looks like within. This movement recognizes the gifts and talents of those who are not afraid to step out of the box and go against the grain of popularity to fully live out their Godly calling of unselfishly serving people I am thankful to Bruce George for reaching out to me and allowing me a place at the table amongst extraordinary highly spirited individuals."

-Katrina Butler, Founder of "Different Souls on One Accord" a social impact consulting company and “So Far So Close” a life coach and peer mentoring nonprofit I have made significant contributions in various areas related to reentry

"Genius is Common Movement has provided me with a lot of great assistance, resources, opportunities, and support when I wanted to excel further with my business. Thank you all so much, and I look forward to our further collaboration together!"

-Ashley Philippe-Auguste.

"This is a powerful movement! I am honored to be connected with like-minded individuals who are walking into their purpose with a passion sharing their gifts and talents while connecting as well as supporting each other. I am truly grateful to be a part of Genius is Common. Special Thanks to Bruce George, Founder of Genius Common for all that you are and all that you do for people from all walks of life and the development of this divine vision."

-Clevette "Chyna" Roberts, Poet Laureate of Kinston, NC, Substance Abuse Counselor, PEARLS Depression Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Founder of Affirmation of Change(Life Coaching Business), Motivational Speaker, Author, Actress, Assistant Film Producer, Poet/Spoken Word Artist, Founder, CEO & Host of The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show, Founder & CEO of Illusions(Performance Arts-Based Business), Artist, Founder & CEO of Truth Hurts Custom Designs(Fashion & Jewelry Designs)

"I feel blessed, grateful and honored to connect with Bruce. I value meaningful connections with like-minded souls. I shared the opportunity with folks in my network. I was offered a radio book spotlight from a member on the Facebook group the day after I posted."

-Mark Tuggle, is an Author, Advocate, Educator, Mentor, Filmmaker, Talk Radio Host, etc...

"The GIC Movement establishes a marketplace for Black Brilliance...Bruce George centers our cultural and creative wealth in a way never before possible."

-Denise Estelle Brown, Poet/Painter/Novelist.

"I’m so grateful for the Genius of Mr. Bruce George and the Genius is Common Movement. To be able to come together as one big family to support and collaborate with positive, like-minded people is priceless. I have already been connected to two dynamic people in the movement and will be sharing possible opportunities with them."

-Lori Johnson "Oma Onyete" aka Ufedoojo Agula, On-Air Host, Sales Consultant at Charleston Radio Group, Healer, etc.

"First, I must say that what Mr. George has established is beyond amazing and is such a remarkable blessing to many people who did not realize their Genius within themselves. This movement has blessed me with the opportunity I have been diligently waiting for for over 13 years. It has fed into my faith that ALL things ARE really possible! Thank you Mr. George for seeing the vision God gave to you and for ministering to all, who have joined you in this movement, that GENIUS IS COMMON!!!!!"

-Rayna (Stephens) Pinckney is the Founder/Director of D'Zyr Travel, LLC & IATAN (IATA) and TRUE-accredited luxury travel agency. For Bookings: WWW.DZYTRAVEL.COM & Author website: WWW.AUTHORRAYNASTEPHENS.COM

"Genius is Common is a testimony within itself - pure genius. The movement is intriguing; inspirational and has all of the qualities to keep "Geniuses" of all walks of life motivated and empowered. Bruce has truly been blessed to pave the way. I am truly proud and excited about this extraordinary movement. Genius is Common."

-Shelia D. Mosley, Living a Legacy & Leaving One- MWR Financial Director, Educator, and Owner and Founder of Empowered Learning for the 21st Century

"Genius is Common is a powerful movement. This is a force to be reckoned with & everyone who is a part of it will win!"

-Tomika Simms, Owner of Taylor Made Group Event Planning, LLC.

"Connecting with Bruce George on LinkedIn was a true God send. My wife and I have been wracking our brains over ways to get my books more visible as we feel the life lessons attached to them can really make a difference. After talking to Bruce and hearing the positivity in his voice while going through the Genius is Common website, my excitement could not be contained. I look forward to spreading the Genius is Common Movement and I can’t wait to get started!"

- Kalenga Augustine Mulenga, 31 times Children's Book Author, Blogger, Accountant, etc.

"The Genius is Common Movement is shifting the paradigm of our children’s discovery of the Genius within each of them. I am honored to serve in this historic movement and to inspire & build a legacy within our community."

- Melanie Hopps, Holistic Education Enthusiast, Founder of The Kinder Patch Learning Academy, Eye Spy Designs, & creator of “Twinkle Tales” featured on the Black Education Station.

"The unique concept of the Genius is Common Movement (GICM) is unprecedented. In a world where gifts are not celebrated, or their mere existence is threatened, the GICM seeks to highlight the "uncommonness" and humanity in us all."

-Montrie Rucker Adams

"What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the Genius is Common movement? How about the energy? The energy to motivate exudes from George, the website, and the YouTube channel. It’s a motivating, change-making, agitating, mobilizing, and teaching energy that draws you in. It questions what you are made of, makes you take stock of your Genius inventory, and makes you stronger than you ever imagined possible! The energy engulfs and ignites you! It makes you want to showcase your genius proudly because Genius IS Common!"

-Natasha McCain - Entrepreneur, public speaker, champion for women, men, children, families, elders, the homeless, and veterans.

"The Genius is Common Movement concept is inspirational, encouraging, motivating, and in-lighting. It helped me understand that a genius isn't only what you put on paper, but how you made it possible to make something out of nothing. That takes a genius."

-Doreen Quail, President and Founder of ( C.H.I.N.O) CHANGE HAS INSPIRED NEW OPPORTUNITIES &

PETTING FARM AND SUMMER CAMP. Website Link:  Change Has Inspired New Opportunities (chinoministry.co)

"Genius Is Common is an amazing community of professionals that I'm honored to be named alongside. This movement is a wonderful way to uplift anyone who makes their purpose their life's work. I'm looking forward to connecting with the entire community!"

-Helyne Joseph, LPGA Founder Empowerment Through Golf

"This website is powerful. This movement shows you that you can be successful. It shows you that you can believe in yourself and accomplish your business goals with support. It brings out the force that you have in yourself. All you have to do is take the first leap of faith."

-Monica Jones, Reiki Practitioner.

"Genius Is Common to me it simply means success, a stronger force within yourself that most people didn't think they had. A force filled with energy, determination, and positivity. and change." 

-Tyris Alexander, Founder of DesFly Entertainment.

"TheGenius is Common Movement concept is inspirational, encouraging, motivating, and in-lighting. It helped me understand that a genius isn't only what you put on paper, but how you made it possible to make something out of nothing. That takes a genius."

-Doreen Quail, Elder, Director.

"Genius is Common is an essential representation of the creative intelligence that abides in us all. We are created in God's image who in His magnificent intelligence created the heavens, the earth, and all that exists therein. We are so grateful to be a part of a wonderful movement setting the atmosphere for creatives all over the world."

-Dr. Carol Ervin, Pastor and Podcaster of Right Now Praizz Radio/TV.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with other positive people through the Genius is Common Movement. My grandson, who wants to be a popular influencer, was able to get exposed to people around the world through his video. Pebble Ministry Inc is looking forward to the exposure that will come from being a part of the movement."

-Cristina Simmons

"Genesis is Common has been a movement calling for a voice! I resonate with this movement because we all are brilliant and shine with our unique abilities, prescriptions, and character. Partnering with the movement is an extension of my teachings, practice, and business to support healing & transformation. It's time to transform the narrative of Genius as a collective."

-I am Dr. Acquilla Faye McCoy, Transformation Expert, Reiki Master, CLC, Education, Author, and Creative Genius.

Tribetransform.com Acquillafaye.com

"I have only been a member for a few weeks and I can honestly say this is a community where everyone wants to help one another. I have forged two working relationships that are challenging my skills and helping me reach for the stars." 

-Nina Gibson

"Just joined... I am looking forward to networking and promoting the geniuses of members to support liberation and meaningful engagement."

-Dr. Lathardus Goggins, Scholar, Educator, Author.

"The Genius is Common Movement is about reclaiming the word genius from the purview of the powerful and elite. There is a genius among the people, and this movement is about recognizing that."

-Marc Polite, Poet, and Essayist.

"I've always appropriated the word genius to describe the razor-sharp intellect of Black folk until they encounter the myriad systems in America that are designed to confuse, beginning with the Constitution and compulsory public education, We should produce an annual Black Genius collection like the one Walter Mosley edited in 1999."

-Joy S. Jones, Director of Communications, Manager of Communications, District Representative, Public Relations Manager, Senior Writer.


"Black Unity!"

-(Uk) Tha

"I'm very impressed with the concept of the Genius is Common Movement. There is so much to be said for realizing that everyone has a unique footprint, a thumbprint that needs to be shared to impact the world. This movement definitely accentuates that concept and helps to elevate platforms by emphasizing the genius that everyone holds."

-Alethia Tucker, Bestselling Author.

"The Genius is Common movement put me in the vortex, where I got to build with other star seeds. It has jumpstarted me to an amazing dream career where I am not only promoting my brand, I became it."

-Natalie Shields aka Sage, Poetic Soul Artist.

"We all are given special talents from God which only WE can do seamlessly. where it's complicated for others. I support this movement because so many of us have been misguided to think only certain people rank as Genius. (Not True) Genius is Common reemphasizes that creativity and brilliance are not exclusive to a select few;, they exist within all of us.

Tapping into your Genius and exploiting it, is your gateway to success, helping others, and fulfilling God's plan for your life."

-Paulette R. Henson, BA/BA, Adjunct Professor, Producer, Podcaster, Cinematographer, Author, Entrepreneur, Visionary


"Genius is Common enables authenticity without the fear of judgment."

- Rashid White

"The Genius is Common (GIC) Movement means connection to me. As we discuss and share our talents, I have been able to connect with people who share my interests and passions. This has been an invaluable resource for me, as I have learned from others and received advice on my own journey. Recently, I connected my daughter with a member who works professionally in the field she is interested in. This conversation was incredibly helpful to her and gave her a much better understanding of what it takes to pursue her dream. She is now more motivated than ever to achieve her goals, and I am so grateful to GIC for making this possible. I am also grateful for the sense of community that GIC provides. It is refreshing to be surrounded by people who believe in the power of genius and are committed to helping others reach their full potential. I feel truly inspired by the members of GIC, and I am proud to be a part of this movement. Thank you again for all that you do, Bruce.

- Jessica L. Roberts, Instructional Designer, E-Learning Developer, Learning & Development Specialist, Middle School Teacher, etc.

"Now that I know who I am in God, I know that I’m a genius too!"

- Stephanie Hall, Founder/CEO of iShine iRock Period Nonprofit Organization, Owner of iShine Period, Model, Designer, Faith-Based Mindset Coach, Spiritual & Holistic Healer, I.T. Professional

"Until I did my research the Genius Is Common movement didn't make sense to me. A group of geniuses collectively working together to empower the community? Can't be. But the movement is EXACTLY that. Professional connections, genuine inspiration, support, and a building block that will surely leave a legacy for the youths to strive for."

-Ralph M Edgerson Jr, Author, Poet, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Screenwriter, and creator of The River's Edge Writers

"Genius is Common is the movement that finally allows me to fully spread my wings and fly. The entire concept is a long overdue breath of intellectual fresh air and it achieves this through actual artistic appreciation without cheap tricks, ploys, theatrics, or nonsense known to permeate the internet. Rich with talent from a diverse range of contributors, this is the personification of a ticking time bomb, but in the best possible way. I am grateful to finally feel at home and can't wait to get started with this incredible and much-needed movement!"

-Karama Sadaka, Slam Champion Poet, Author of several books, Producer, Ordained Minister, Activist, Photographer, Social Media Manager, Consultant, Visual and Digital Artist, Chat GPT Expert, Coach, Teacher, Certified in basic and advanced public speaking, and hypnotic communication, Founder of Get Paid Poet, member of a team of artists and activists dedicated to helping use dark pasts to create bright futures.

"Genius is Common has encouraged me in many ways and has given me the opportunity to present my gift of writing to the world. I am humbled to be a part of a unique movement that shines a light on individuals like me and allows them to have a voice."

-Dolton Calliet

"This Genius is Common Movement is something spectacular. It hasn't even been a week for me, and being able to meet and communicate with other, geniuses is already increasing my potential business. My wisdom and opportunities seem endless now."

-Lucca Solomon, Founder/Perfumer of The Elemental Fragrances

"I believe the Genius is Common Movement highlights the understanding that we were all created for an amazing purpose in life. Being a genius is typically defined as being exceptionally intelligent or creative. But God made all of his children different and unique. That uniqueness is our genius! It’s the thing that sets us apart which makes us all have something in common. This movement resonated with me because it affirmed my love and light is my genius!"

- De’Shera Milan, Certified Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker

"I have only been a member for a few weeks and I can honestly say this is a community where everyone wants to help one another. I have forged two working relationships that are challenging my skills and helping me reach for the stars."

-Nina Gibson, Dynamic Voice Actor, Screenwriter and Writing Coach.

"I have been a part of the Genius is Common Movement for over 7 years. I am passionate about sharing the Genius is Common message with youth. There is nothing like the look on a face of a young person when they realize maybe some of them for the very first time that they indeed have a genius seed inside of them. This movement is life-changing!"

-Renata Brown, Graphic Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement, Author, Speaker, and Educator.

"When I consider what Bruce George is doing with Genius is Common, I'm excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities of connecting with other geniuses who dominate their gifts for our culture to explore and have yet to be discovered. Our geniuses allow others to experience our creativity with no inhibitions. Bruce George is the Genius that brought commonality through "GENIUS IS COMMON" and I'm grateful to be connected."

-Alicia Collins, CEO-Everything Lemonade.

"Genius is Common is not just a platform it’s a way of life to show you that you’re not just a person, you’re something that’s great than the national being. Definitely worth it!"

-Tari Wright, Owner/CEO of Not Wright Brand, LLC

"The Genius is Common Concept to me means it's one of the greatest concepts of the 21st century for Black people. In a sense, it's the Black Wall Street for this day and age. When I was a Colored boy growing up in the South in the 60's Black people performed the majority of their daily business with Black businesses. As a nation of people, we lost that type of commitment to each other when integration took center stage and the Federal Interstate Highway system swept through America's Black communities like a title wave of destruction on Black businesses. Those two actions broke our will and divided us from keeping control of our hard-earned dollars. The two actions established by Federal law silently broke Black people's focus to do business among our selves. Genius is Common allows us a great opportunity to return back to a point in time where our determination is focused once again on us building wealth in our communities among our families. Through this concept, we can be committed to doing business with each other as our ancestors did many years ago.

-Dolton Calliet, Children's Books Author.

"I'm so blessed and honored to be a part of the Genius Is Common movement. The Genius is Common movement is very encouraging, and positive, helping with recognizing your true talent and everyone has one. Genius is Common has definitely opened doors for me. I have to give my Props to the Founder of Genius is Common my Pops Bruce George 💋."

-Shayla Douglas

"The Genius is Common Movement is decolonizing the word genius! Empowering the people!

-Namz aka Phoenix Priestess of the UK 🇬🇧

"Unity through collaboration. Connections and Growth."

-Alexis Sayles, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist & Actor. Live Online Fitness Workouts:


"Genius is Common is a community of creatives that uplift each other to be better."

-Sheldon Shaw, Producer/Director, Sheldon Shaw, created his production company Potential Films Inc.

"The Genius is Common Movement feels like a community. A place where all talents, skills, and gifts are celebrated and encouraged to reach greatness."

-Katrina Avant, Founder of Projects by K., Author of multiple books, Writer, Artist, and Entrepreneur.

"The Genius is Common Movement allows me to be a BOOM. In ALL I am and do. Be Our Own Motivation is so important to Me because someone needs...you. To be HONEST, REAL, and hold you accountable with Integrity."

-Iva (BOOM) Martenez, Celebrity Onboarding Ambassador for the Genius is Common Movement.

"Why I believe in the Genius is Common Movement: As we wrap up Black History Month of 2023, I'd like to talk about why I believe this movement is relevant today. African Americans have always had a GENIUS about them... When we consider the Negro Spirituals, in particular, and how they were used to help us get through our hardships, and with a "double entendre" message, that's actually GENIUS! GENIUS IS COMMON!"

-Jackson Caesar, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Arranger, Producer, and Educator  https://jacksoncaesar.com/

"The Genius is Common Movement is an inclusive networking group that I have had the pleasure to be a member of for the past year, and it has been an incredibly valuable experience. The group has helped me make valuable connections and I have been fortunate to meet several new clients and business partners through the group. In addition, the Genius is Common video presentations are informative, and I have gained valuable knowledge and insights from the other members. I would highly recommend the Genius is Common Movement to anyone looking to expand their professional network."

-Dr. Barbara Wright, Grant Writing & Management Consultant, Master Grand & Fund Developer to the Genius is Common Movement.


Phone: (816) 728-0170

"Genius is Common Movement has impacted my professional relationships into a higher stratosphere. Connecting, uniting, and building a vibrant community via connecting and enriching one another with those truly able to unite and be the change we want to experience! Thank you so much King Bruce George for allowing the Most High God to bring this community together to be strengthened and grow in unity worldwide 🙌🏾."

Eliza D. Carter, Breathologist for Soul Care for Next Level Healing Tools! What are your core tools? Breathologist Stress Management Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement. Join Us at www.TheBreathingExperience.com

"The Genius is Common Movement will change the nation as it ignites the mind. The concept exposes a new world of possibilities when we accept our genius. Genius is Common covers every area of greatness and has been a valuable resource in my business and personal growth. The visionary, Bruce George, is truly a Genius!"

-Shani Smith, CEO of Ken-Do Spice LLC, kendospice.shop, Master Spice Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement.

"In a world that rewards and is distracted by idiots, it's important to remind genius is more common than we might think "

Malik Yoba - Legendary Actor, Filmmaker, and Director who played roles in iconic Films & TV productions such as New York Undercover, Empire, Why Did I Get Married, Cool Runnings, etc. Malik has parlayed into Real Estate development and is the owner of Yoba Development.

"The Genius is Common Movement is an awakening for the mind, it celebrates the unique gifts that we all have to offer to the world, and brings us closer together as we value each other's contributions."

-Faheem Judah-EL, Master Teacher, Publisher & Author. Faheem holds a B.S. degree in Natural Medicine and a Doctor of Divinity Degree. He has written and published over 100 books and articles on spiritual concepts.

"The Genius is Common Movement is allowing us to be connected to other geniuses. This is an awesome opportunity to connect and go to your next level personally, professionally, and enterprising and blessing each other."

-Robin Betton, Real Estate Ambassador for the Genius is Common Movement.

"I'm just starting but I can see a long-term benefit will have a HUGE impact on my business. What an honor to be around business-minded individuals like myself is very important to encourage and fellowship to explore new a better ways in an ever-evolving business community."

-Demetrius "Bumpy" Dalton.

"Genius is Common is an amazing organization that will empower, inspire, and encourage everyone to be proud of their unique skill as a genius. I love this movement's positive message!!!"

-Boss Lady Mae is a Business Owner, Filmmaker, Author, Editor-in-Chief, Business Consultant, Public Speaker, and Mentor.

"The Genius is Common Movement awakens the reality that everyone has a genius within them. It gives confidence to others to know their voice matters."

-Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon - Amazon Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant.

"The Genius is Common Movement is a place for people to network and share their gifts and talents with the world. Thank you, Bruce George, for reaching out to me and opening my eyes to more opportunities. Be Blessed!"

-Jovan Adams, Founder of Manifold, LLC IN Richmond, VA

"I believe Genius is Common is a movement worth supporting. It reflects the ideology that everyone has a genius. Also called a gift. A genius where, only you can do your genius, the way you do. Everyone should embrace their own genius, with the passion and inspiration to take their life to incredible levels. Genius is Common, but not in the way that many have come to see it."

-Paul Godwin Jr., Music Master, Music Producer, Musician, etc. 

"The publication and broadcasting of my businesses in the Genius is Common Movement has exponentially expanded my client base and brand name recognition."

-Dr. Vanda Wilson-Wormack aka QUEEN VANDA CEO/Founder of ePastorsNetwork, Queen Vanda Power Nuggets,

"Queen Vanda" Shoes, Spiritual Guidance Coach Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement.

"I love being a part of the Genius is Common Movement! It empowers people to know that their unique genius is powerful and enough to move mountains."

-Nakia Dillard, Legendary Actor, Director, and Film Producer who starred in the critically acclaimed TV Series The Wire. Nakia also acted in the critically acclaimed TV Series Black Lightning, The Wonder Years, and BMF. Nakia is the Founder of an acting school www.aikanacts.org

"What the "Genius is Common" movement means to me is that God had assigned Bruce a role to bring "the dry bones to life" as the dry bones shall rise again! Ezekiel 37:1-14. The symbolic meaning is the resurrection of the dead as well as a restoration of the cosmic order...Those that are last shall be first and Black Wall Street has revived again. Thus, the Genius is Common Movement is the beginning (Genesis) of the eschatological restoration, as well as reunification of Yahweh's covenant people."

-Professor, Brenda Jenkins

"The Genius is Common Movement is a community to me, an opportunity, a movement, and a positive space."

-Nalema Ross

"One thing I like about Genius is Common is all the unique people who became a part of Genius is Common. Each one has a great story I can learn from. Genius is Common has amazing diversity. And picks the most talented people I've ever seen. From actors, writers, musicians, and educators. Genius is Common has it all. And every time I see a video of a Genius is Common member I learn something. A great organization to be a part of. And the positivity from Genius is Common is great. A great mixture of diversity, culture, education, and positivity. This is what Genius is Common means to me."

-Antuan Simmons

"Just joined... I am looking forward to networking and promoting the geniuses of members to support liberation and meaningful engagement."

-Dr. Lathardus Goggins, Scholar, Youth Educator, Author of multiple books.

"The Genius is Common Movement is, we'll, GENIUS. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with people from various practice areas, all with the goal of serving well."

-Dr. Felicia Wilson, CareTalk, LLC.

"TheGenius is Common Movement means to me an opportunity for my business to expand its reach in the marketplace."

-Sharise Johnson-Moore, Owner/CEO of Sharise N. Johnson-Moore LLC, where we help entrepreneurs gain exposure through advertising, broadcasting, publishing, and marketing.

"Greetings my people genius is common is a movement and therefore it is not stagnant it is always growing it is living it is breathing and it is always growing in its exposure by aligning with the Genius is Common Movement you will gain exposure to some of the most extraordinary geniuses in the world."

-Steven Hutchinson, Founder of Power Tax, Tax Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement. 

"The Genius is Common Movement is an encouragement for each of us to explore in what ways our genius just flows, I Love the movement as an equalizer of all; to highlight one's own light, and appreciate the light of genius in others.

-Goddess AHKARAH Ankh 🦅

"The Genius is Common Movement has allowed me to come in contact with people who are living in their genius and sharing it. That is what's common about genius the wealth in sharing what YOU have for this world. I always say that we are all pieces to the puzzle of this world... and when we get out together we create a picture. Genius is common and this movement showcases the gifts that every person has within them. I have already been taken to greater levels. And it feels great to be a part of something that appreciates every individual's genius."

Alexis Malone, Master Children's Book Voice-Over Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement. 

"Harnessing the Power of Positivity, Genius is Common was a brilliant idea that became a moment. I appreciate all that Bruce George and his team are doing to help me promote my brand. He is prompt, focused, and sets a stellar example that gets my brand increased visibility. I highly recommend Genius is Common!"

-Eartha Watts, Autor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Editor, Publisher, Writer, Educator, etc.

"The GENIUS IS COMMON Movement is home to some of the brightest minds of the 21st century. What caught my attention the most was the GENIUS BLACK INVENTORS page. Showcasing the brilliance of such inventors and shining a light on their achievements touched the core of my being. You are on the cusp of something greater than you can imagine."

-Patricia Anné DuBose, Concept creator of 70 and Beyond * Author of 70 and Beyond - The Evolution of Quartet Music - The DuBose Legacy eBook * Podcast host and content editor of the ‘Divine Trajectory Now‘ * Voice of Love expressionist.

"The Genius is Common Movement has exposed me as an individual and a businessman with gifts of Genius. The Genius is Common Movement has exposed me to so many Genius people from around the world that I now do business with. Everyone has a Genius."

-Ray Mapp, Founder of Purpose Publishing, Black Inventor Historian Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement.

"I cannot express the amount of pride I take in being able to be affiliated with the "Genius is Common" movement! It represents an unspoken truth that needed to be expressed. Genius has many forms! Not only am I excited about the message, but I'm also excited about the visibility the movement has created for me and my vision. If you Google my name the first thing you will see is my "Genius is Common" video. To make it even sweeter I'm listed right there among some of the most genius, legendary, famous, and prestigious names on the planet. I am proud to have been featured in this movement I've been watching grow exponentially. This is what changing the world feels like!"

-Steven Fletcher, Metaphysician, Educator, Speaker, and Panelist.

"I would like to share my thoughts on my experience of being on the Genius is Common Movement's website. It has been 14 months of getting greater exposure than with some of my social media pages. It is a blessing to not have distractions of a non-business nature. The Genius Is Common website, is where you have the benefit of interacting

with those, you can share your Genius."

-Cocochynna, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Fashion Consultant.

"I love everything about Bruce George's movement Genius is Common because it dispels the myth of the word genius. I am excited to be amongst this exceptional group of people and can't wait to see and witness everyone's genius! I also love the sense of community that I feel with being a part of this amazing group."

-Caryn Warren, Master Coder, IT Expert, Children's Book Author.

"The Genius Is Common movement is alive. It has a pulse. That pulse is generated from a collective mindset of thousands of geniuses. My experience with the Genius Is Common movement is one where I don’t just hear the members. I feel the words, the passion, and the enlightenment shared within the group. One quality of the movement’s pulse is its network. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for advice or services. There’s a genius in the movement who is an expert at what I need, and they have been more than willing to share their expertise. That is my experience with the Genius Is Common movement and I am grateful to be part of it. Be well and stay blessed. Through LOVE be a blessing."

-Jay Hollingshed

Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach

"The Genius is Common Movement not only exposed me to the inner genius of others but it also allowed me to share my gifts, my experiences, my knowledge....my genius with an audience I would have never been exposed to."

-Dr. Phillipe Douyon, Board-Certified Neurologist, Adult & Children's Book Author, Educator, Speaker, Entrepreneur, etc.

"Genius is Common is a great place to network and gain exposure for your business, talent, or product. I am blessed to be a part of this growing network. "

-Johanna Sparrow, Adult & Children's Book Author with over 100 self-published books. 

"The Genius is Common Movement is refreshing and exciting and I am so interested to see the connections I can make joining this group, a leap of faith is all it took and I'm excited to see where this movement takes me and my family and business and what opportunities will present themselves to me by connecting with others!

-Cora Sokoloski, Nail Salon Owner, Nail Technician.

"The Genius is Common Movement (TGICM) exposed my company to its magnificently massive platform. They (TGICM) helped my business by spotlighting our company's speaking, coaching, and training products and services. Most recently, the movement pushed our latest book "Empowering You: It's Your Time" and helped us get to #1 Amazon Best Seller status. As part of TGICM, BHS & Associates' exposure IS accelerated and continues to gain momentum due to their efforts. Our company is forever grateful to Bruce George and the movement for all they've done to promote us and continue to do to make sure they showcase our genius because genius is common."

-Barbara H. Smith, Celebrity Speaker Trainer, Host of the Barbara H. Smith Show, Master Executive Coach & Corporate Training Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, etc.  

"The Genius is Common Movement has allowed me to join a community of subject matter experts from all over the world and share a very important message that we have genius in all of us."

-Terry Cyrus, Founder of OutSpoken Media, TV Producer, Speaker, Educator, etc.

"The Genius is Common Movement is Genius, giving exposure so others can see the Genius in you. I really appreciate the positive uplifting spirit that comes with the movement. This is what our community needs to encourage in a world filled with so many discouragements. I believe that Bruce George's Genius is Common Movement is going to go far."

-Edgar Torres, Master Graphic Designer.

"I am new here. However, I know this is a great platform for all to share their genius among the Stars."

-Jera TruthSpeekher, is a Healer and her sole and Soul's purpose to break the Bonds of Slavery. To give sight to the blind, and set the captives free.