"The Genius is Common Movement is empowering! Since joining my network has expanded, and my book sales have increased exponentially!"

-Dr. LaShonda M. Stewart, Professor, and 2 times Children's Book Author: The 12 Days of a Soul Food Christmas & Emma Jean's Sew-N-Sew. 

"I am completely elated to be a part of the Genius is Common Movement! Acknowledging that we all have genius is a revolutionary act that gives power back to the people. As a Spiritual Life Transformation Coach specializing in Life Purpose, I know that it is not until we embrace our own unique genius that we can then live in our divine purpose.

Only having been aligned with the movement in relatively a short amount of time, I have already made fruitful professional connections and so much looking forward to many more. I see a bright future for the Genius is Common Movement. May all of our collective geniuses shine as bright and beautiful as the stars in the sky."

-Kaheri Maat, Author, Founding Mother of Magical Woman University, Co-Founder of Magical Bliss Bath, and Women's Spiritual Empowerment Ambassador of the Genius is Common Movement. Speaker, Educator, Healer, Empath, Poet, Seer, Entrepreneur

"I'm so blessed and honored to be a part of the Genius Is Common movement. The Genius is Common movement is very encouraging, and positive, helping with recognizing your true talent and everyone has one. Genius is Common has definitely opened doors for me. I have to give my Props to the Founder of Genius is Common my Pops Bruce George 💋."

-Shayla Douglas

"Genius is Common Movement has impacted my professional relationships into a higher stratosphere. Connecting, uniting, and building a vibrant community via connecting and enriching one another with those truly able to unite and be the change we want to experience! Thank you so much King Bruce George for allowing the Most High God to bring this community together to be strengthened and grow in unity worldwide 🙌🏾."

Eliza D. Carter, Breathologist for Soul Care for Next Level Healing Tools! What are your core tools? Breathologist Stress Management Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement. Join Us at www.TheBreathingExperience.com 

"In a world that rewards and is distracted by idiots, it's important to remind genius is more common than we might think "

Malik Yoba - Legendary Actor, Filmmaker & Director who played roles in iconic Films & TV productions such as New York Undercover, Empire, Why Did I Get Married, Cool Runnings, etc. Malik has parlayed into Real Estate development and is the owner of Yoba Development.

"The Genius is Common Movement is an awakening for the mind, it celebrates the unique gifts that we all have to offer to the world, and brings us closer together as we value each other's contributions."

-Faheem Judah-EL, Master Teacher, Publisher & Author. Faheem holds a B.S. degree in Natural Medicine and a Doctor of Divinity Degree. He has written and published over 100 books and articles on spiritual concepts.

"The Genius is Common Movement awakens the reality that everyone has a genius within them. It gives confidence to others to know their voice matters."

-Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon - Amazon Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant.

"The Genius is Common Movement is a place for people to network and share their gifts and talents with the world. Thank you, Bruce George, for reaching out to me and opening my eyes to more opportunities. Be Blessed!"

-Jovan Adams, Founder of Manifold, LLC IN Richmond, VA

"The publication and broadcasting of my businesses in the Genius is Common Movement has exponentially expanded my client base and brand name recognition."

-Dr. Vanda Wilson-Wormack aka QUEEN VANDA CEO/Founder of ePastorsNetwork, Queen Vanda Power Nuggets,

"Queen Vanda" Shoes, Spiritual Guidance Coach Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement.

"I love being a part of the Genius is Common Movement! It empowers people to know that their unique genius is powerful and enough to move mountains."

-Nakia Dillard, Legendary Actor, Director, and Film Producer who starred in the critically acclaimed TV Series The Wire. Nakia also acted in the critically acclaimed TV Series Black Lightning, The Wonder Years, and BMF. Nakia is the Founder of an acting school www.aikanacts.org

"What the "Genius is Common" movement means to me is that God had assigned Bruce a role to bring "the dry bones to life" as the dry bones shall rise again! Ezekiel 37:1-14. The symbolic meaning is the resurrection of the dead as well as a restoration of the cosmic order...Those that are last shall be first and Black Wall Street has revived again. Thus, the Genius is Common Movement is the beginning (Genesis) of the eschatological restoration, as well as reunification of Yahweh's covenant people."

-Professor, Brenda Jenkins

"The Genius is Common Movement is, we'll, GENIUS. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with people from various practice areas, all with the goal of serving well."

-Dr. Felicia Wilson, CareTalk, LLC

"Greetings my people genius is common is a movement and therefore it is not stagnant it is always growing it is living it is breathing and it is always growing in its exposure by aligning with the Genius is Common Movement you will gain exposure to some of the most extraordinary geniuses in the world."

-Steven Hutchinson, Founder of Power Tax, Tax Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement. 

"The Genius is Common Movement is an encouragement for each of us to explore in what ways our genius just flows, I Love the movement as an equalizer of all; to highlight one's own light, and appreciate the light of genius in others.

-Goddess AHKARAH Ankh 🦅

"The Genius is Common Movement has allowed me to come in contact with people who are living in their genius and sharing it. That is what's common about genius the wealth in sharing what YOU have for this world. I always say that we are all pieces to the puzzle of this world... and when we get out together we create a picture. Genius is common and this movement showcases the gifts that every person has within them. I have already been taken to greater levels. And it feels great to be a part of something that appreciates every individual's genius."

Alexis Malone, Master Children's Book Voice-Over Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement. 

"Harnessing the Power of Positivity, Genius is Common was a brilliant idea that became a moment. I appreciate all that Bruce George and his team are doing to help me promote my brand. He is prompt, focused, and sets a stellar example that gets my brand increased visibility. I highly recommend Genius is Common!"

-Eartha Watts, Autor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Editor, Publisher, Writer, Educator, etc.

"The GENIUS IS COMMON Movement is home to some of the brightest minds of the 21st century. What caught my attention the most was the GENIUS BLACK INVENTORS page. Showcasing the brilliance of such inventors and shining a light on their achievements touched the core of my being. You are on the cusp of something greater than you can imagine."

-Patricia Anné DuBose, Concept creator of 70 and Beyond * Author of 70 and Beyond - The Evolution of Quartet Music - The DuBose Legacy eBook * Podcast host and content editor of the ‘Divine Trajectory Now‘ * Voice of Love expressionist.

"The Genius is Common Movement has exposed me as an individual and a businessman with gifts of Genius. The Genius is Common Movement has exposed me to so many Genius people from around the world that I now do business with. Everyone has a Genius."

-Ray Mapp, Founder of Purpose Publishing, Black Inventor Historian Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement.

"I cannot express the amount of pride I take in being able to be affiliated with the "Genius is Common" movement! It represents an unspoken truth that needed to be expressed. Genius has many forms! Not only am I excited about the message, but I'm also excited about the visibility the movement has created for me and my vision. If you Google my name the first thing you will see is my "Genius is Common" video. To make it even sweeter I'm listed right there among some of the most genius, legendary, famous, and prestigious names on the planet. I am proud to have been featured in this movement I've been watching grow exponentially. This is what changing the world feels like!"

-Steven Fletcher, Metaphysician, Educator, Speaker, and Panelist.

"I would like to share my thoughts on my experience of being on the Genius is Common Movement's website. It has been 14 months of getting greater exposure than with some of my social media pages. It is a blessing to not have distractions of a non-business nature. The Genius Is Common website, is where you have the benefit of interacting

with those, you can share your Genius."

-Cocochynna, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Fashion Consultant.

"I love everything about Bruce George's movement Genius is Common because it dispels the myth of the word genius. I am excited to be amongst this exceptional group of people and can't wait to see and witness everyone's genius! I also love the sense of community that I feel with being a part of this amazing group."

-Caryn Warren, Master Coder, IT Expert, Children's Book Author.

"The Genius is Common Movement not only exposed me to the inner genius of others but it also allowed me to share my gifts, my experiences, my knowledge....my genius with an audience I would have never been exposed to."

-Dr. Phillipe Douyon, Board-Certified Neurologist, Adult & Children's Book Author, Educator, Speaker, Entrepreneur, etc.

"Genius is Common is a great place to network and gain exposure for your business, talent, or product. I am blessed to be a part of this growing network. "

-Johanna Sparrow, Adult & Children's Book Author with over 100 self-published books. 

"The Genius is Common Movement is refreshing and exciting and I am so interested to see the connections I can make joining this group, a leap of faith is all it took and I'm excited to see where this movement takes me and my family and business and what opportunities will present themselves to me by connecting with others!

-Cora Sokoloski, Nail Salon Owner, Nail Technician.

"The Genius is Common Movement (TGICM) exposed my company to its magnificently massive platform. They (TGICM) helped my business by spotlighting our company's speaking, coaching, and training products and services. Most recently, the movement pushed our latest book "Empowering You: It's Your Time" and helped us get to #1 Amazon Best Seller status. As part of TGICM, BHS & Associates' exposure IS accelerated and continues to gain momentum due to their efforts. Our company is forever grateful to Bruce George and the movement for all they've done to promote us and continue to do to make sure they showcase our genius because genius is common."

-Barbara H. Smith, Celebrity Speaker Trainer, Host of the Barbara H. Smith Show, Master Executive Coach & Corporate Training Ambassador to the Genius is Common Movement, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, etc.  

"The Genius is Common Movement has allowed me to join a community of subject matter experts from all over the world and share a very important message that we have genius in all of us."

-Terry Cyrus, Founder of OutSpoken Media, TV Producer, Speaker, Educator, etc.

"The Genius is Common Movement is Genius, giving exposure so others can see the Genius in you. I really appreciate the positive uplifting spirit that comes with the movement. This is what our community needs to encourage in a world filled with so many discouragements. I believe that Bruce George's Genius is Common Movement is going to go far."

-Edgar Torres, Master Graphic Designer.